Cloud dashboarding – Strategic Level


Our Cloud Dashboard gives your senior management the ‘big picture’ at their fingertips – thus enabling your organization to find the root cause of challenges like bottlenecks and breakdowns. What’s more, because this solution is cloud-based, you can also connect and compare data with other feedmills across your organization. Our Cloud Dashboard provides a clear and instant view on a wide range of key performance factors, including: asset management; maintenance & associated costs; energy consumption; plus overall availability; performance & quality.  

Find your bottlenecks and
create the highest output

Strategic Dashboarding

Asset Management

Define your equipment and add key information to it - including manuals, spare parts and maintenance definitions. You can even see the actual running hours.

Maintenance management

Create work orders based on precise maintenance definitions. Then, your maintenance engineers can view thus information on their mobile devices and add their own comments.

Alarm Management

Choose alarms and warnings that occur over a given period - and then make data-driven decisions to reduce that number.

OEE Availability

A great selectable time diagram for running, idle, unplanned and planned stop production. Find downtime reasons and make decisions to reduce this.

OEE Performance

Is your production according specification? The performance is viewed per section.

OEE Quality

The quality is specified by several reasons like out of tolerance of dosing, reworks, etc.

Bottleneck Analyse

If your production performance doesn't meet your expectations? Analyze in this dashboard timings, find bottlenecks and optimize your process.

Bottleneck Batch Timing

Have a deeper look on the timing of your batch and make optimizations.

Energy Total

A dashboard for total electricity and gas consumption during a selectable period of time.

Energy per Section

A graphical overview of energy consumption per section, like you pellet press line, grinding/mixing line during running, idle, planned and unplanned stop. Find the losses and make improvements.

Inteqnion’s Milling Software Suite

Inteqnion feedmill automation software is designed to take your milling to the next level by connecting your operation at every level. We offer you cutting-edge & extensively tested software: all based on the finest European engineering.

Cloud Dashboard - Strategic Level

Strategic dashboarding for Asset Management, Maintenance, OEE and Energy.

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Batch Explorer - Tactical Level

Get full control over the factory on tactical level. Based on datadriven milling and powerful batch processing. Designed with and for feed mills.

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Scada - Operational Level

Control the plant at the operational level with a modern graphical interface. Easy to operate with advanced settings and diagnostics.

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Field Tools - Production Floor Level

Control details from the shopfloor with local operator panels, mobile devices and scanner systems.

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Cloud Dashboard - Strategic Level
Batch Explorer - Tactical Level
Scada - Operational Level
Field Tools - Production Floor Level