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Here at Inteqnion, we’ve been enabling increasing visibility, control and efficiency of feedmill production for our customers since 25 years. Our IT solutions are all based on the finest European engineering; and are delivered and maintained globally by a dedicated team who understand technology; but also know the milling industry, inside-out.

We believe passionately in thinking along with our customers, working together in partnership to continuously improve their operations through the insights we gain. Truly, we have only just begun…

We’re proud to be part of the Triott Group

Inteqnion is one of the sister companies that together form the Triott Group. Together our mission is simple: to help society produce a greater quality and quantity of animal feed and food based on the finest Dutch engineering knowhow and a ‘can do’ spirit. Our tough, durable and reliable production technology is enabling customers worldwide to succeed in their markets through greater efficiency, safety and sustainability. So, no matter where in the world you are, you know where you are with Triott.

Triott Group is a company with specialist businesses dedicated to helping you design the most complex turnkey feed and food production facilities from scratch. From windmills, we began manufacturing hammermill machines and mixers; then we began building complex production facilities. Then we added storage solutions, and then strengthened our expertise across a wide range of processes in the milling production chain – from liquid dosing systems, to pelleting, to extrusion, to coating. And now, we orchestrate all this through a specialist process automation & control company capable of connecting all the dots and maximizing efficiency.

Triott Group consists of the following companies

We’ve grown and evolved over many years to establish our global outreach – for example, through our joint venture with Anderson International Corp, which offers more than 130 years of excellence in production technology to the North American food and feed industry.

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