Our control cabinets are world-class and built with true European craftsmanship according to international standards like NEN60204. With regular maintenance, they last a minimum 20-25 years, and we only use recognized brands for our components (Siemens, Schneider and Phoenix contact). This means that spare parts can be locally sourced, fast in case of emergency – thus helping you to avoid downtime and breakdowns. Our feedmill experts will calculate the cooling of the cabinets – for example by maintaining the correct temperature (if the ambient temperature is too high it will shorten the life of components dramatically).


Our cabinets are intelligently designed to operate with the minimum components. However, installing and setting up this technology can be complex. That’s why you can rely on our experienced Inteqnion engineers to get you up-and-running.  Our engineers have handled many installations – always in line with EMC regulations and profiNET connections. For example, it’s especially important to achieve a distortion-free field installation in order to obtain accurate measurements and reliable data connections.


Explosion Safety is extremely important in feedmills. The dust from raw materials can cause heavy explosions. Our engineers are trained according the latest regulation.


We take care of the safety of your people. Production equipment can be very dangerous when necessary protection are not taken. Our design is according the safety standard SIL.

IP based automation is the gateway to smart industry

Our solution is fully based on PROFINET, the industrial Ethernet for realtime communication. It is extreme reliable and even safe for safety application. With remote VPN access it gives us the maximum service level to get access to the lowest level in the factory. The amount of data we can collect from every equipment opens the way to smart industry.

PLC Hardware

Our automation solution is based on Siemens S7-1500 PLC.

We prefer a Siemens Safety PLC to achieve a high safety level and a flexible design.

Our remote I/O and frequency drives are connected via PROFINET for the highest service and reliable communication.

Local Controls

To operate from the production floor we design local touch panels applications. Easy to use with Scada or BatchExplorer functionality.

  • For pellet press and extruder control
  • Intake and outloading
  • Scanner applications for tipping points

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