Industrial Networks

Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet, AS-i

Due to developments in industrial environments from the control to the process level, the amount of data that needs to be communicated between the sensors and PLC’s continues to increase. In order to guarantee good solutions, existing standards need to be continually developed. Inteqnion has the knowledge to construct networks that can communicate easily with other systems. Networks that we use are Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profinet and AS-i.

For a quick and flawless installation of the cabling Inteqnion works with remote I/O’s. This cabling system is available for Profibus and Ethernet for both electrical and optic cabling. Inteqnion is pleased to help you efficiently with the programming of industrial networks. Our experts are aware of the latest developments and, of course, the most important software packages for industrial networks.

Inteqnion + Industrial Networks = We improve the communication inside your process

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