Field Equipment & Cabling

Getting the correct input signals (data) from your Installation and subsequently sending the necessary output signals to control it is very important. Because of our long experience in feed-, flour and bulk industry, we only select the best instrumentation for the job. Due to the harsh environment in which our equipment has to operate only the best is good enough. This give you the reassurance of field equipment which is up to the job.

Another vital element in any installation are the cables and networks which are needed to connect all system components together. When it comes to this aspect, Inteqnion is able to take full responsibility for the design and installation of the cables. This includes cable selection, routing, termination, cable design and testing.

Our engineers will design the cable systems, produce all necessary documentation, procure all materials and manage sub-contractors to provide the complete installation.
All work will be done in accordance with established safety rules and guidelines, and in accordance with any local or client specific safety regulations, while fully supervised by our Site Manager who provides a single liaison point to the client.

Inteqnion + Field Equipment & Cabling = We improve the communication inside your process

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