Feed milling

Inteqnion has been automating complete compound feed mills around the world for many decades. Inteqnion accounts for the complete electrical installation and automation in the various plants, mostly turnkey. This includes the engineering and building of control panels, PLC and SCADA software and our MES application Batch Explorer.

Our process control systems are particularly suitable for the production of compound feed for animal or cattle. All process variables from raw material intake to any form of outloading can be controlled and administered.

In addition to projects realized in cooperation with the Triott group Inteqnion also independently runs projects around the globe in the compound feed, bulk material handling and process industry.


  • Over 100 years of experience in feed milling.
  • Optimized standard packages for efficient production processes.
  • Several modules e.g. food safety and traceability.
  • Modular design enables tailored solutions
  • Extensive reporting for managing running costs.
  • Complete electrical & automation installation from one supplier
  • Projects from A to Z
  • 24/7 Service & Support

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