is specialized in
the design, build and
installation of control
systems for the batch and
continuous controlled process
industry. With our control solutions,
we focus on the improvement and
optimization of your production process.


Inteqnion solutions

The solutions Inteqnion provides
are characterized by solidity
and reliability; Inteqnion
stands for quality.

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You can find Inteqnion Process Control Systems in different segments within the feed, flour and bulk industry. For each segment, Inteqnion modifies the Process Control Systems for the specific requirements in the particular market.

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Why choose Inteqnion?

  When you cooperate with Inteqnion you choose for quality and reliability. You benefit from our knowledge and experience our passion. Inteqnion is a no-nonsense organization with more than 30 professionals who have years of experience in the process industry.

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