Blog — Contamination: prevent the mixing of raw materials and products

18 мая 2017

In the food and compound-food industry maximum output and consistent production quality are important. Manufacturers have to
deal with the production of different recipes one after the other on a production line. Traces of a product can be left behind and end up in the production of the next product. Herein lies the risk of contamination, which can be harmful for both people and animals.

Guarantee quality
Preventing and controlling contamination is the order of the day. Manufacturers have to increasingly comply with stricter requirements and regulations. Employee experience and knowledge play an important role in guaranteeing quality. In the production hall too it is important to carefully examine how food quality and food safety can be guaranteed. Obviously keeping the plant, transport equipment and silos clean and thoroughly rinsing machines play a part in this. Preventing contamination is an ongoing process. It is our experience that there is a need for specific software that signals the presence of substances that should not be combined.   

Prevention of contamination
An automation module for the prevention of contamination has a lot of benefits when it comes to optimising the production process within the feed industry. It prevents the mixing of raw materials and products. Plants can also work more flexibly, which means they can also handle urgent orders. But above all the quality of the process is guaranteed. In Inteqnion’s contamination matrix nutritionists can put the products or raw materials into a production schedule. In this schedule, it is possible to indicate which substances must not come into contact with each other, which orders can be combined and what the most efficient order is. The software indicates automatically at the start of the production whether raw materials or products clash. The contamination can be removed by producing a different product first.

A contamination matrix gives feed and compound-feed manufacturers insight and enables them to quickly anticipate any problems in the production process. Inteqnion’s contamination matrix is part of Batch Explorer, a complete software package that was specially developed for the automation of batch-controlled processes. We are happy to provide further details about the module and the system.

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