Inteqnion released Batch Explorer 4.1.

18 mai 2017

Recently Inteqnion released a new version of Batch Explorer. The stable and powerful software package includes all functionalities to control and managebatch driven and continuous production processes that works for large and small installations.  Based on years of experience and shared feedback of users of Batch Explorer 2.0 Inteqnion developed a new version of the software package that meets the requirements of the batch processing industry.  A new design with new features and due to the usage of new techniques we affirm the focus on continuous development of the usability of Batch Explorer.

Batch Explorer

Batch Explorer is a comprehensive software package, which is extremely applicable for batch controlled processes. By a simple and clear menu structure it enables you to quickly and effectively manage the production process. Batch Explorer can be used for the following industries: Feed Milling, Bulk and Solids processing, Animal feed, Pet food, Aquafeed, Grain processing, food processing and more.


In general 4.0 has a better user interface(UI) which means that the visual part and usability of the software is optimized. A better navigation and search filters in every grid what results in less steps to execute operations.

User right management

With the development of a new User Right Management system it is now possible to give several roles to stakeholders of the software. User right management is a security feature for controlling user access to tasks that would normally be restricted. By applying rights to processes or to applications, Batch Explorer can divide privileges to groups and users.

New reporting platform

The ease of use is also coming back in the new reporting platform. Due to optimisation of the reporting platform the software has the ability to show comprehensive reports.

Concurrent user support

Batch Explorer also features a new functionality: Real-time change detection. Real-time change detection recognizes changes to the source data when concurrent users/operators are working the system. Batch Explorer recognizes changes in the source data and sends a notification to the all users/operators that the source data has been modified.

New panel Applications

Two new features have been added to the panel of Batch Explorer.

  • Display & process hand additives
  • Display & process preparations

Additional Interfacing possibilities
The new Batch Explorer can integrate several plugins and external software or can be changed to customer requirements. For a customized Batch Explorer we have a number of additional options.

  • Out of the box importing and exporting capabilities for Products, Raw Materials, Formulas, Intakes, Batches, Production Orders, Trips
  • Possibility to create customer specific plugins
  • Best Mix integration
  • Feedback to Batch Explorer UI

For more information about our additional and customized solutions we would like to ask you to click on the contact button.

All functionalities Batch Explorer

All above functionalities are added to the current modules of Batch Explorer:



Our partners who have a Service & Maintenance agreement automatically will be updated to 4.1.

Would you like to receive more information about Batch Explorer 4.1 or the Service and Maintenance offering? Please complete the following contact form.

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