Temperature Monitoring

Inteqnion offers a wide range of temperature monitoring in storage bins. The fully digital system can be installed in newly constructed facilities or already existing ones. Temperature monitoring cables with sensors every few meters to detect mold and pest infestation. All biological activity is revealed by increased temperature, which will set an alarm to protect the stored commodity in the silos.

Mold and pest infestation
Pest infestation is a growing problem due to an increasingly warmer climate and is one of the most common causes for serious shrinkage.

All biological activity is revealed by increased temperature. Biological decomposition, mold, hatching insects and pests are instantly detected by measuring the temperature of the stored commodity.

The temperature monitoring cables are fitted with our high quality digital sensors and innovative 2-wire system. Our grain temperature monitoring cables were developed to be part of one of the most versatile, reliable and accurate grain temperature monitoring systems on the world market. They can be mounted in customer-built floor moulds, roof consoles, pipe sockets or brackets. Our high quality digital sensors remain calibration- and maintenance-free for years on end. (In contrast, temperature cables with double thermo-elements, diodes or resistors need yearly calibration and maintenance due to sensor drift. This takes time and costs you money.)

The temperature cables are available in two diameters: 9.8 mm and 17.0 mm.

Accurate grain temperature monitoring in big silo bins requires a number of temperature monitoring cables in each bin. As a rule of thumb, one cable monitors a radius of 4 meters.


Digital system
The system is a digital, fully automated grain temperature monitoring system for grain storages. And is compatible with all types of grain storages and can be installed in newly constructed facilities or already existing ones. The grain temperature is monitored with temperature monitoring cables.

When installed in bigger storage facilities, the system is configured as a SCADA and/or PC system featuring continuous and secure grain temperature monitoring. For smaller storages, we recommend a system with a hand-held monitoring unit.

The system is completely modular, is easily expandable, in case you increase your storage facility or want to modernize it with, say, a roof ventilation system.

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