SCADA visualisation

SCADA enables you to visualise the production process. It will give you an visual overview of the complete plant.

From one or more screens your operators can monitor and control the entire production process. All general settings are visualised on screen and are adjustable by mouse and keyboard. It is also possible to monitor and control specific processes on the work floor via Touch screens.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This software enables you to collect, forward, process and visualise Data from measurement and controls of machines and complete installations.

The SCADA system is build up from one or several computers with SCADA software. The SCADA system facilitates the exchange of measurement data / information, the visualisation of information to the operator and the control of the system and the processing of measurement data into reports or alarms.

Inteqnion uses Siemens WinCC for the SCADA visualisation and the connection of Data between the PLC and Batch Explorer (MES) software.

Inteqnion + SCADA = We improve your visibility of your process

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