PLC engineering & programming

Machines or small components of the process are usually driven by PLC’s in industry. Inteqnion can supply you with the PLC, including the customized software. The PLC control system operated by Inteqnion, ensures you of a solution that allows your machine and/ or production process to function optimally. Of course, we can also integrate the PLC systems in a total solution with SCADA, MES (Batch Explorer) and HMI.

PLC, SCADA, HMI and MES (Batch Explorer) programming is daily business for our software specialists, both for simple and complex solutions. Adjustment, expanding and maintenance of your existing PLC control is also possible.

We take into account your requirements and specifications by delivering custom-made software. This enables us to offer a reliable and quality solution.

Inteqnion uses mainly Siemens 300 and 400 series PLC’s in combination with several brands of Remote I/O.

Inteqnion + PLC = We improve your control over your process

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