MES Software Integration

MES software is the connection between the Remote I/O layer (PLC layer) to the ERP layer (Enterprise Resource Planning). This is also called ‘vertical integration’. Inteqnion uses the Microsoft SQL database and the ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards to build its MES system. These standards describe the models and interfaces for exchanging information between ERP, MES and PLC.

MES offers you more insight in how your factory is operating. It enables you better planning, the reduction of losses and better reporting. Thus getting a higher output at lower costs.
MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System.

By implementing MES you can improve on many levels:

  • Lead time shortening and improving lead time reliability
  • Lowering inventory and order processing costs
  • Management dashboards with KPI’s give insight for informed decisions
  • With ISA-88, ISA-95 and ISA-99 good operating models can be set up
  • Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness en reduce energy consumption
  • Improve Planning and Scheduling
  • Track and Trace: automatic processing of all production data and translate this into product and production reports
  • Error reduction by electronic link

Inteqnion + MES = We improve your insight and reporting of your process

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