Software Engineering

Software engineering requires insight into your entire process; into knowledge of your application and even your industry. Inteqnion is specialized in control systems and automation for the feed- flour and bulk industry. Inteqnion is part of the Triott group, which includes machine builders with over 100 years of experience in feed milling, compound feed, meal production and other food related processes. Our software engineers work daily on improving automation of feed mills from all over the world.

Inteqnion offers the following solutions:

Besides the above mentioned activities, Inteqnion developed specialized automation software for the feed- flour and bulk industry:

Batch Explorer
Batch Explorer is our own Batch Processing Software Package for control of intake, batching, grinding, mixing, pelleting, coating and bulk out loading. Of course the most recent developments are integrated in Batch Explorer, such as contamination and tracking & tracing.

Inteqnion + Engineering = We improve your process

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