Panel Building

As soon as the Engineering phase is completed, we can start with the build of the panels.

Inteqnion has over 20 years of experience in panel building. We offer a wide range of solutions for our customers: from panels using conventional relays to panels incorporating high-tech computerized automation using bus systems to communicate.

Inteqnion offers the following solutions:

Since Inteqnion supplies panels to be used worldwide, we only use high-quality components from A-brand suppliers, which are easily available globally.

Our cabinets and individual components meet the stringent requirements written in the European EN 60.204 and IEC 60364 norms, hence safety is guaranteed.

Before any panels leave our workshop they are always thoroughly tested for safety and functionality. Meanwhile various components like frequency converters can be tuned by us.

Inteqnion + panel building = We improve your control over your proces

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