For the grinding/mixing line automation, the following functions are also available:

Production program:
Here the operator can make the production planning. The production jobs will be executed in the order with has been given by the operator, with respect to the contamination table (when applicable).

Dosing parameters:
In Batch Explorer the dosing parameters per raw material and per silo can be adjusted. In addition to the automation system ensures maximum efficiency with inflight corrections for blending materials.

Formulations can be created with Batch Explorer and software included from specialist companies. Production values can also be added.

Stock control:
After every intake and dosing the stock of the raw material bins will be updated. When a batch is completed in the grinding and mixing section also the stock of the destination bin will be updated. This can either be a press meal bin or a finished product bin.

Batch Explorer keeps all production parameters, batch- and lot numbers after every job. Besides that several reports can be printed with also registration of the batch, upper- and lower tolerances, recipe data, etc.

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